David Wright wakes to his beeping alarm. His body is covered in a suffocating amount of blankets. The facial features of David are swallowed by his powder blue pillow. They become more visible, emerging slowly by the pull of his stiff neck. In one motion he rises upwards. His night-wear consists of a large tshirt with a beer logo on the chest and some Christmas boxer-underpants. Along with his medium build, his medium length hair stands roughly on his head. Less thick, more wiry. But it did give the air of youthful ignorance. Though David was anything but ignorant.

Raising his hands, he cracks his neck and looks around the nigh empty pale bedroom. His focus shifts to the beeping alarm clock. The sleepy eyelids that were reluctant to raise above his iris suddenly leap up.

“Ugh.” David grunted with a grinding frustration.

David grabbed the glossy apple red, semi automatic pistol that lay next to his bed. He placed the shiny barrel into his mouth, yawned and pulled the trigger.

“The Room” wasn’t so much a room but an infinite space at the end of a hallway, suspended in a pocket universe. It made more sense to refer to it as “The Room,” since David could barely comprehend trans-dimensional deities let alone the concept of “forever.”

“Hey!” David greeted, approaching the center.

A large four eyed opaque creature with the body of a crab and a dragon, hissed from the void.

David stood in the center of the room. A pale spotlight shown on him from the infinite ceiling. The floor was red like crimson and tough like steel. As though it was constructed by damned blacksmiths, transmuting iron and blood to create the floor boards.

“Calicoul, I need a quick rerun.” David shouted.

The whispers from beyond vision grew into a rough deep voice. The creature’s  odd yet simple face came into full view.

“You truly are shameless.” Calicoul said, moving its mouth like that of a large mystical bearded dragon, trying to speak in human tongue.

David stood in front of this powerful being in his boxer shorts with pictures of skiing dogs on them. He looked bored.

“Come on, you should have learned that about me by now.” David smiled.

“Learning is a mortal exercise, do not taunt me.” Calicoul snapped.

“Can you name one of the backing vocalists on the Steely Dan album ‘Aja’?”

The creature hesitated for a moment.

“Thought so. See non-mortals have shit to learn too. Now rerun please.” David requested, crossing his arms.

Calicoul grunted in frustration. “Fine, but your tactic was tawdry. You were quite aware I have not had the listening pleasure of Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ as of yet.”

“Well get on it! You’ve got time. Now rerun. One hour. My place.”

“Very well.” Calicoul begrudgingly plucked a glowing thread from the void. His lizard claws searched through the light. He then unwound the thread revealing it was a string far more similar to a rope. He unwound the braids of time, surgically and hastily. Each inner thread a life, a place, a moment on David’s Earth.

“I have located your desired destination. But understand that the string has been forever modified eliminating your existence within this–”

“Yeah, Yeah. Let’s go.” David rushed over.

“Hmm, It is truly the finite, I may never come to understand.” Calicoul grunted. “Then know this David, I have fulfilled my requirement. Your payment is owed at the terminus of your prime cycle.”

“OK, whatever. My assignment is due by end of day. Thanks for the reminder, Mrs. Hardass.”

David grabbed the thread and disappeared.

Calicoul stood silently, rewinding the string then releasing it. It danced through the air like a trail of smoke and returned to the void.

The great lord let out a sigh.

Dave was standing over his bed. He checked his clock.

“Yes! Exactly one hour.” He laughed, looking at the red pistol lying on the floor. Extending his hand, he pet it like a dog, rewarding its good behaviour.

“Alright.” David tumbled back into bed.

“I can sleep in.”



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