I recently attempted pitching a project I was very passionate about. Conducting research, testing particular details, throwing ideas at the wall. Once I felt comfortable with a presentation that could properly convey my vision and gumption, I made time with an interested investor. He was impressed with my skills and previous work experience, so he extended an olive branch. Twenty minutes was all I had. He booked twenty minutes for my event. For my Iliad.

I rushed to the tall office building, positioned in the downtown core. A few dollars in my pocket and a dream was all I had. When I met with each of the potential producers, my thrift store ensemble was a sad caricature of their Armani suits. But I remained determined. I swallowed a nervous bout of saliva and grit my teeth. This is an excerpt from that day.

“The cast that you know and love (Both Dead and Alive!) return for the multi-dimensional re-imagining, “Game of Seinfelds.” That’s right baby! No need to pinch yourself, you aren’t dreaming. The Game of Thrones characters you watched toil and screw their way to the top, are now transplanted into the Seinfeld Mythos!
There’s John Snow, the full-time comedian and quick witted neurotic heart throb. His crazy neighbor Stanis Baratheon. The ‘will-they won’t-they’ gal pal Cersei Lannister. His best friend Peter Dinklage. And last but not least his sworn enemy, Newman! That’s right all your favorites and more. With infinite material, this show basically writes itself! John and Dinklage are trapped in a parking garage with white walkers, and can’t remember where they parked. Stanis has sex on a piece of John’s furniture, but he’ll never reveal which piece (The microwave). Cersei has to make the hard decision of whether or not her brother is sponge worthy. John dates a perfect woman with one minor issue, her man hands… and dragons!

This is the show of a lifetime, and with Larry David only condemning most of it, its a sure fire billion dollar program. Thank you for your time.”

I had never received a more resounding and aggressive “No” in my entire existence. I could feel the Earth stop turning–and then it started spinning again when the security guard roughed me up.

But needless to say… never give up on your dreams.


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